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Why your business should do online marketing

Online marketing | Sydney Digital Marketing

do your customers spend a lot of time online?

Why your business should do online marketing? If you’re able to answer a  YES to this question, then it’s indisputable your business could absolutely capitalised from online advertising.

If you’re not sure who your ideal customer is or how much time they spend surfing the web, you may need to take a step back a do a bit of market research.  Doing some marketing research may be a good start to get an idea how to approach it. Or hire an agency like us to help you

I realise simply knowing your prospects are online isn’t enough to know for sure if online marketing is ideal for your business. You may have to dig deeper for that, but overall, online advertising definitely works if its done properly.

why your business should do online marketing?

With online marketing, you can take advantage of the wonderful perks that come with digital media, like instant access, freely updating and editing your ads, and results tracking .

Planning an event to promote your new service or product? Rather than placing an ad with the local Leader newspaper in advance and wondering who’ll see it, then waiting weeks or months to know how it worked if at all.

Online marketing you can instantly track which ads are working in realtime, how many people are seeing them, where they’re seeing them, who’s clicking on them and when. With that kind of information at your fingertips you can optimise your ads instantly if their not performing well.  You no longer have to  wait until month end sales reports to tell you if your newspaper ad was working or not.

drive traffic to your website & increase conversions

Given your website is the hub of your online presence, it makes sense to generate traffic to it, right?

When all’s said and done, it comes down to the numbers: online ads can draw more traffic to your website. When you have more traffic coming to your website, you’re increasing the chances of leads from your site. You must make sure your site is set up properly to capture all traffic converting them to leads.

increase your brand awareness, credibility & trust

Running online ads gets your brand name in front of your online prospects wherever they are on the web. Just like branding through radio or TV, your online ads will keep your business in front of potential buyers. Once your potential buyers become familiar with who you are, they begin to recognise your brand and will be more likely to come to you when they have a need you can fill for them. It’s that simple.

Not only that, online ads reinforce the idea that you’re a real and legimate business, so running ads can actually increase credibility for your business as well.

promote to your specific target markets

When you advertise online, you can tailor your message to speak specifically to your target markets, or multiple messages tailored to segmented target audiences.

Think about it like this: Maybe you sell security systems. While your product may appeal to both families and businesses, your product benefits would be different for each. The business owner doesn’t need a system that allows him to shut his home garage door remotely, and the homeowner isn’t interested tracking clock-in and -out times for employees. Advertising is most effective when you’re speaking directly to each person’s needs rather than using a blanket message to catch everyone’s interest.

That’s where segmentation comes in. As a security company owner, you would write two ads with separate messages: one tailored to business owners, the other to homeowners. Advertising this way is far more cost-effective online than in TV, radio, or print advertising.

According to a study outlined in an article, a retargeted display ad encourages 1000% more people to search for a product over a standard ad. Online marketing lets you segment and specify your target markets to get the absolute most out of your marketing efforts and dollars rather than getting your message out to people you’re not interested in working with.

re-engage previous prospects with retargeting ads

With retargeting, you can remarket to people based on their previous online activities, namely those who’ve been to your website. Forty-six percent of search engine marketing professionals believe retargeting is the most underused online marketing technology.

Remember last week when you jumped onto to look at a pair of hiking shoes? How many times have you seen those same boots displayed on other websites since then? Probably like a hundreds, right? And even though you ended up buying a pair on Ebay, those shoes are still following you around.

Why? Because you’ve been retargeted. Those companies retarget because they know website visitors who are retargeted with display ads are 70% more likely to convert on your website. You can leverage this power as well to make sure your prospects don’t forget about you.

meet your prospects where they are

Again, times have changed. It seems like everyone’s online, and when consumers are making buying decisions, they tend to do some heavy online research before pulling the trigger. Or maybe they’ve already done the research and they’re ready to take the plunge. Wherever they are, go to them, nurture them, pamper them with the information they crave by creating ads to reach prospects in each stage of the buying process.

For example, you’ve written a blog article that answers a common question you’re asked about your services. You can create an ad based on that post to draw in the consumers that are in the information gathering phase of the buying cycle. Other consumers may be ready to take the next step and schedule a consultation, so you can design ads that create a bit more urgency, encouraging them to take action now.

lower your marketing costs

You have a ridiculous amount of control over your advertising costs when running ads online. First off, online ad campaigns are usually far less expensive than running radio, TV and print ads. Secondly, you pick exactly what you want to spend and when you want to spend it. Don’t like the original budget you set for your campaign? Change it in less than a minute. Third, you decide and maintain full control of when your ads run and for how long. Your ads aren’t performing? Pause the campaign to decrease spending.

start planning today

There’s no doubt that online marketing is a cost-effective, efficient and convenient method for promoting your business in that it helps increase brand recognition, gain prospects’ trust, and target exactly who you want to work with. Contact us today and get your business online with your business wordpress website. Want to kno why wordpress websites are great for online business read our article 4 Reasons why WordPress websites are great for business.

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