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We don’t give quotes on our development services. We will contact you’ll get to meet us and we can give you  a ball park figure on expectations and you can assess if we are the right Agency for your business.

We offer a one on one digital work shop at a minimal fee. We will leave you with all our ideas and a plan on your digital project. We then can give you an exact price and time frame required to finish your project. On time and on budget. If you accept the quote, the fee for the workshop will be credited as part of your deposit. read more 

We look at your domain name like its the keys to your castle. We believe you should register and own your domain on your account. We want  you to have control  of your digital business name. We only ask for access to optimise and setup your website or email client. Never give your keys to your business.

We only use the best cloud servers. Dedicated  Panel and IP address  to ensure  security and fast deployment of your websites and ecommerce  sites.

We use Siteground and CloudWays SSD Servers. Super quick and 99.99% uptime. Please note we do not work on other servers , so we host all our clients sites

We do not take responsibility on the outage of these third party providers. All billing is paid by the client and payments are made when landing to our account. We are not responsible for deletion or outages. We will always try to recover the sites for our clients but we are governed by their policies.

We use amazons firewalls and install the latest codec and extensions to our clients sites. We hate  asking for removal fees from our clients. But the web is a a place were we have no control. we will always find a way to remove the infected code. We take no responsibility for external attacks. Bt the great thing we have a back up that will get you out of trouble so you can continue trading. Some data might be lost due to live sites.

We value your privacy. It’s a pretty ordinary act to sell or use your information for the purpose other than you interacting with NME Digital Agency.

We store your information on our database protected with the latest encryption protocols. We hate spam and dodgy practices . read more

We always value our clients and we build great relations will be sad to see you leave, If you have a website built with us and want to leave within the 12 months , the 12 months Free must be paid to the value of $380 dollars.  In regards to the social media and SEO because we waiver the set up fee initially we work 2 months in an advance so we require the value of One month subscription as an exist fee. 

We take a 50% deposit and the final payment is paid before we go live. Content is the responsibility of the client. We will insert all copy free of charge after it has been completed.

We accept credit card and direct bank transfer via our payment system and client portal.

We are thorough in our proposals and brief of works. We work on good faith with our clients to enable them to get the result they expect. If you decide to leave (we always sad to see anyone go) and continue your journey, you only will pay to the amount of work done. Deposits are not refundable because of the cost of setup.