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NME Digital International is about client collaborative approach to work, that extra piece of creativity that we add over and above other pre-packaged services in the digital and website market. This little bit extra provides our clients with more tailored and clever marketing which goes the extra distance.

Our founders are involved in every campaign and our staff are all highly qualified & provide delightful customer service. This allows us to provide you with high quality, effectively priced, cutting edge digital marketing strategy and execution.

Our point of difference

Keeping things simple

cost affective

Low overheads mean we deliver high- quality work while keeping costs low.


All our staff are highly trained. The founders bring over 20 years of industry experience.

Results driven

Our staff and founders value our customers, if they dont make money we dont either.

Custom solutions

No cookie-cutter solutions, working with clients to create something unique.

Why nme digital International

A Different Perspective

When Starbuck thought their brand had reached a trust with it's clients they decided to offer new products and services.


Starbucks had established itself as the best global coffeehouse brand. They were expanding not only their product offerings and locations but were also venturing into a new music business. Yes, Starbucks created its own recording company which successfully won eight Grammy’s in two years. In fact, they also built their own ‘entertainment’ office in Los Angeles. However, by 2008, partially due to the financial crisis as well, Starbucks was in a complete free-fall stage with its stock prices shriveling drastically. They had to close down 977 stores and even lay off 18,000 people.

In 2009, Starbucks decided to get things back on track and do what they do best – make coffee! They teamed up with acclaimed advertising agency  to launch the multi-million dollar ‘Coffee Value & Values’ campaign – the largest marketing campaign in Starbucks’s history. In fact, the regained focus was very evident when they decided to retrain their baristas. They changed their branding strategies, but not their focus.
As a result, Starbucks not only saved their business but also reinvigorated their brand. In 2014, the company reported more than $16 billion in annual revenue.

Aristotle Dimou

At nme digital our team policy is that everyone has direct access to our clients.

We sell a customised collaborative approach based on our years of experience in the industry. You are the key component in our marketing success so being extremely targeted will achieve great results in the minimum time because all our staff get to know you and your team. This creates a better understanding and amazing results.

Meet our leaders

Your business partners online

ari nme

Aristotelis Dimou

Founder, Brand Strategists 

Aristotelis Dimou Austrlian born has been living overseas since 2019 held senior positions in major companies like Sensis , Harvey Norman, Jb Hifi, Ocean Internet.  Provided market Analysis for Australian leading businesses for over 20 Years.

Sonu Singh NME Digital

Chandra Bhushan

Founder, Head of Digital Marketing

Chandra Bhushan with 11 years of experience for global companies. Extensive experience in digital marketing and the online search sector. Accredited by Google, Semrush, HubSpot and others platforms.

Shital Rautkar NME Digital

Shital Rautkar

Founder, Projects and Web Dev

Shital Rautkar is our leader as senior coder and project mngr. Over 11 years of in the web and project management of complex platforms and solutions. Shital is analytical with complex problems

Our promise to you

Will always be contactable


supporting your business.
we take our promises seriously.

Our purpose is to provide your business with all the skills, strategies and tools, to succeed online. We don’t use contracts only a mutual promise between you and me. No gotcha’s or long winded clauses. We want to remain friends and give value to each other.

our promise to you

We will always be contactable, our support is awesome.
We will find the best solution for your business.
We will support your businesses goals and help you achieve them.
We promise to be the best agency you have ever dealt with.